Wholesale Airtime Auction Announces Return of Free Radio and TV Commercial Production Program

Wholesale Airtime Auction LLC, a wholesaler in the TV & radio advertising agency industry, has just announced the reinstatement of its free TV and radio production program.

After receiving many inquiries about their former program offering, Wholesale Airtime Auction has taken the time to consider the clamor for the return of their free remnant TV and radio commercial production.  With this new announcement, prospective clients will be happy to know that in addition to being able to acquire TV and radio airtime for 50-97% less than the usual cost, they’ll also be able to save money on producing commercials for their TV and radio advertising as well.

“We received a lot of calls asking about our free commercial production program – if we were still offering it, or why we stopped. We decided to bring back the program to give our clients more value for their money and save them from the hassle of commercial production,” said Carrie F., Wholesale Airtime Auction’s Sales Manager. “Now they don’t have to hire a separate ad agency to produce their commercials, and the money they save can be added to their ad campaign budgets.”

Carrie also said that the reinstated program will be available alongside their existing program offering, which is one free month of advertising. New clients will have the option to choose which program suits them best.

To learn more about Wholesale Airtime Auction’s free TV and Radio commercial production, feel free to contact them via any of the following options:

Website: http://www.wholesaleairtimeauction.com/#/local-tv-advertising-citiesmarkets/

Social Media: https://plus.google.com/+WholesaleairtimeauctionTV-RadioAdvertising

Telephone: (302) 724-6592

Wholesale Airtime Auction offers a radio and TV advertising agency auction, for packages of remnant TV and radio advertising commercials in the United States. This unique auction process allows customers to buy TV and radio advertising spots-airtime at 3 to 50 cents on the dollar. Their service is available on a local, regional, and national level in over 300 metro market cities and in all 50 states.