Wholesale Airtime Auction Announces Completion Of Their Website Overhaul Project

Wholesale Airtime Auction, a weekly fire-sale auction for radio advertising commercials, has announced the completion of their four-month-long website overhaul project.

Customers that are looking to do business with The Wholesale Airtime Auction will now have a more user-friendly portal for doing so. The company, which hosts a weekly fire-sale auction for radio advertising commercials, just announced they are completely finished with the overhaul of their website platforms. The project development started in May and took four long months to complete. The new website platform is based on a "fire" theme, to emphasize the weekly fire-sale airtime auction they offer. They also constructed several new pages of legal marketing and radio advertising content in order to meet the frequent requests of their customers.

"The company had been receiving requests for several years for more educational content about certain niche types of broadcast advertising," said Mike Brown, the General Manager at The Wholesale Airtime Auction. "In addition, the website was in dire need of an overhaul. Starting the new website construction provided us the perfect opportunity to go ahead and create the new content our customers had been asking for," said Brown.

A few of the niche content pages created on the new website were:
#1 Legal Marketing - Options for the Legal Marketing Association Professional
#2 Radio Commercials Examples - How to Construct the Best Radio Commercial for Your Product
#3 Law Firm Marketing Plan - How to Eliminate Some Risk from Your Law Firm's Marketing Strategies
#4 Remnant Radio Advertising - When is Remnant Radio Advertising Better Than Fixed Position Placement?
#5 Remnant Advertising - What Forms of Media Provide the Best Value in Remnant Advertising?
#6 Direct Response Radio Advertising - How Long Should the Commercial Be for the Best ROI?
#7 National Radio Advertising - What are the Best Types of National Music/Formats to Target My Demo?
#8 Lawyer Marketing - In a Marketing Plan Mix, What's the Proper Percentage of Radio vs. TV vs. Direct Mail?
#9 Radio Ads - What Style of Radio Ads Are Best for My Type of Business?

Businesses interested in learning more about the weekly fire-sale auction being offered by The Wholesale Airtime Auction should contact them at:
http://www.wholesaleairtimeauction.com/contact-us/ or call (302)724-6592.


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