South Carolina Attorney Joins Board of Directors at Wholesale Airtime Auction

Wholesale Airtime Auction, a wholesaler in the radio and TV advertising agency industry, has just announced the appointment of PILMMA (Personal Injury Marketing & Management Association) as a new member of their Board of Directors.

PILMMA is an attorney marketing, consultant, and management organization dedicated to providing personal injury lawyers and disability attorneys with essential tools, credible information, and top-notch education to help them build and grow their injury and disability law practices.

“We are happy to welcome PILMMA to Wholesale Airtime Auction as we expand our auction service into more segments of the traditional TV and radio advertising agency spectrum,” said Carrie, Sales Manager of Wholesale Airtime Auction. “PILMMA is a marketing and management association noted for helping attorneys become successful in their practices. Our advertisers practicing in the areas of Personal Injury, Social Security, Workers’ Compensation, and Mass Torts will have peace of mind knowing that they’re partnering with an auction service that truly understands what it takes to create successful long-term campaigns in the attorney TV and radio advertising fields.”

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Telephone: (302) 724-6592

Wholesale Airtime Auction offers a TV and radio advertising auction for packages of remnant TV and radio commercials in the United States. This unique auction process allows customers to buy TV and radio commercials on three times as many stations for the same budget. Their service is available on a local, regional, and national level in over 300 metro market cities and in all 50 states.