Remnant TV Advertising Gives Distressed Customers a New Home

The Wholesale Airtime Auction, a weekly fire sale auction for TV and radio commercials, has recently launched a new website for their remnant TV advertising customers.

After the downfall of Google TV Advertising, The Wholesale Airtime Auction (WAA) gave Google's former customers a new home at their new remnant TV advertising website. This website gives customers convenient access to the information most relevant to them and also provides an easier way to contact The Wholesale Airtime Auction directly. Features of WAA's remnant TV advertising website include fire sale auction pricing, previously-aired commercials, and details on the features and benefits provided by their fire sale auctions.

The Wholesale Airtime Auction launched their remnant TV advertising website to let their customers and potential customers know about all the services they have to offer. They also aim to prove that they can provide services that none of their competitors can. As J. Mike Brown, General Manager of WAA, said: "We understand that different customers have different needs. If we want to maximize customer satisfaction, we have to give them our full attention. Launching this website is just one step towards our vision of giving all our customers a place to call home."

WAA's remnant TV advertising website showcases the full range of services they offer to their customers. These services include lawyer TV commercials, TV advertising, attorney TV advertising, law firm TV advertising, and many others. The launch of this website reaffirms that WAA provides quality services that meet with approval from many satisfied customers.

The Wholesale Airtime Auction's new remnant TV advertising website contains other information and updates, and they can be contacted via one of these three options:
Mail - 9 E. Loockerman St. Ste. 3A-449, Dover, DE 19901
Internet -
Telephone - (302) 724-6592