Remnant Advertising Auction For Radio Ad Airtime Starts Phase 3 Expansion To Help Smaller Stations

The Wholesale Airtime Auction has just announced the expansion of their remnant advertising auction, which now includes some smaller stations in the Top 11-15 radio metro markets.

Valentine's Day has just gotten a bit more lucrative for smaller radio stations that have unsold remnant radio advertising, as The Wholesale Airtime Auction has just announced they're expanding their weekly fire sale auction even further. They are adding 60 new stations to their weekly remnant advertising auction in the top 11-15 radio metro markets: Detroit, MI; Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Seattle-Tacoma, WA; and Phoenix, AZ. Here's a list of some of radio stations that are being added, grouped by market:
• Detroit, MI - WDFN AM; Detroit, MI - WDTW FM; Detroit, MI - WKQI FM;
Detroit, MI - WDMK FM; Detroit, MI - WNIC FM
• Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL - WAMR FM; Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL - WMIA FM;
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL - WKIS FM; Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL - WIOD AM; Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL - WBGG FM
• Seattle-Tacoma, WA - KNDD FM; Seattle-Tacoma, WA - KTTH AM; Seattle-Tacoma, WA - KMPS FM;
Seattle-Tacoma, WA - KZOK FM; Seattle-Tacoma, WA - KJR FM
• Phoenix, AZ - KMLE FM; Phoenix, AZ - KPKX FM; Phoenix, AZ - KHOT FM; Phoenix, AZ - KZZP FM;
Phoenix, AZ - KTAR FM

The stations listed above are now available to bid on in the weekly remnant advertising auction, as well as thousands of other stations that have previously been included. J. Mike Brown, General Manager at The Wholesale Airtime Auction, clarified to us that even if a station can be bid on, it does not necessarily mean that the station has unsold remnant advertising inventory available, or that they would be willing to sell it at the wholesale CPM price level that small businesses bid in the auction.

"Most of our law firm marketing clients prefer to bid first on what they see as the 'big dogs' in a given market," Brown said. "The KRWMs, KESZs, WLYFs, WHQTs, WWJs, KOOLs, and so forth. And we won't stop our customers from bidding on the stations they want. The problem is, those same big dogs are usually sold out, and overpriced even when available. We've added some high-quality stations to our auction: they might be smaller, but that doesn't mean you're not getting just as much bang for your buck. Most of them lead in their target demographics, and some are even occasionally sold out. They tend to have a slightly smaller reach in the 18+ demographic as a whole, but if you're paying them based on CPM (average impressions), like our auction does, then 'slightly smaller' doesn't mean much of anything at all."

If you would like to find out more about the Phase 3 expansion of The Wholesale Airtime Auction's remnant advertising auction, you can contact them via one of three options:
Mail - 9 E. Loockerman St. Ste. 3A-449, Dover, DE 19901
Internet -
Telephone - (302) 724-6592


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