Radio Commercials Auction Helps Cash-Strapped Small Businesses

The Radio Commercials Auction division of The Wholesale Airtime Auction has announced a significant change to their free radio commercial production department to allow additional small businesses to qualify for the program.

When it seems that big businesses only continue to prey on small businesses these days, this announcement is one that can give us a little hope. The radio commercials auction division of The Wholesale Airtime Auction announced they are lowering the cash qualification standards to participate in their free radio commercial production program. Their past free radio commercial production program required a minimum starting airtime budget of $3,000.00 per month. In almost all circles in the remnant radio advertising agency or media buying world, a $3,000.00 budget would not even get you a return phone call.

However, due to the change in the economy and the repeated pleas from micro businesses (under $1M a year in revenue) for a program they could afford, they decided to cut the monthly airtime minimum by more than 50%. And according to The Wholesale Airtime Auction, this change comes with significant pain.

"This is definitely not a profitable endeavor for us," said J. Mike Brown, G.M. of The Wholesale Airtime Auction. "The only reason we are doing it is because we have been receiving ten inquiries a week for the last 4 years, asking us to do so. Our production department also has a little too much free time on their hands, and it's better to keep them busy. That being said, if 5-10 struggling small businesses are able to increase their sales enough to keep from filing small business bankruptcy, then it will have been worth it," said Brown.

The free radio commercials production portion of the program remains unchanged.
Radio commercial production will include:

 Professional Radio Talent (voice work)
 Basic Background Music
 Quality Script Writing and Editing
 Studio recording of a 15-second radio commercial, 30-second radio commercial, or 60-second radio commercial
 Professional editing and delivery of the recorded commercial

For customers that are not struggling financially, there are also upgrades available: custom jingles, 800 # tagging for promotion codes, and other multi-talent skit solutions.

The radio commercials division of the auction is available in radio markets like Detroit, MI, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Phoenix, AZ, New York City, NY, Raleigh-Durham, NC, Austin, TX, and 300 other large and small radio markets, all across the US.

If you would like to find out more about the free radio commercials production division at The Wholesale Airtime Auction, you can contact them via one of three options:
Mail - 9 E. Loockerman St. Ste. 3A-449, Dover, DE 19901
Internet - http://
Telephone - (302) 724-6592


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