Mass Tort Advertising Commercials Stop Pharmaceutical Malpractice

With the increasing instances of mass tort cases, The Wholesale Airtime Auction has recently created a new division dedicated to their clients' Mass Tort Advertising Commercials.

If someone bought products that didn't work or taken medicine with harmful side effects, chances are, that person is not alone. When many of these incidents happen at once, odds are some company will soon be facing a mass tort case. These cases have been happening more often than expected and the demand for Mass Tort Advertising Commercials is increasing quickly. To keep up with demand, The Wholesale Airtime Auction recently opened a new division that focuses on Mass Tort Advertising Commercials.

The Wholesale Airtime Auction opened this division because they have considered how Mass Tort Advertising Commercials are approached very differently from their other services such as lawyer TV commercials and law firm TV advertising commercials. J. Mike Brown, General Manager of Wholesale Airtime Auction, states: "The demand increased rapidly over time to the point we could not keep up with it. We also noticed that these commercials are very different in nature from other legal commercials. With the new division, we expect that we'll be able to improve service for our clients."

Mass tort cases usually involve situations concerning people who are victims of defective medical drugs and products that cause injury, sickness, or death to a number of people. As the number of these cases increases, the need for commercials that call out to the victims will also increase. The new Mass Tort Advertising Commercials division handles radio and TV advertising commercials as well as addresses issues and inquiries regarding mass tort advertising.

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