Legal Marketing Program Is Ammunition For Blasting Big Pharma

The Wholesale Airtime Auction, a weekly fire sale auction for radio and TV advertising, has introduced a brand new legal marketing program built for large mass tort firms.

Drug companies in the United States are under assault from the major mass tort law firms, and it looks like things will only get worse for them, as The Wholesale Airtime Auction, a weekly fire sale auction for remnant radio advertising and remnant TV advertising, has just revealed a new legal marketing program intended for large mass tort firms. This new legal marketing program is designed to help lawyers that need to buy advertising in television DMAs/radio markets on a state-by-state or nationwide basis. Its purpose is to enable them to reach out to those who may have been harmed by bad drugs while giving them a 50-97% discount over the typical media buying CPM levels in the United States.

"Our new legal marketing program was specifically built with mass tort lawyers in mind," said J. Mike Brown, General Manager of The Wholesale Airtime Auction. "When the large mass tort firms catch wind of bad drugs, they need to get their advertisements out there as quickly as possible, reaching as many ears and eyeballs as possible, and at the lowest CPM possible. And if you know anything about media, you know that wide reach and low CPMs are pretty much mutually exclusive. That is, until we stepped in. Combining our weekly broadcast TV fire sale auction with our new legal marketing program, they can get 3 to 5 times the average impressions and reach for the same money," Brown said.

The Wholesale Airtime Auction's legal marketing and lawyer marketing programs can be found 305 metered radio markets and 210 TV DMAs across the United States, including the following radio and television markets in the New York area:
New York-NYC, NY
Hartford-New Haven, CT
Albany-Schenectady, NY
Wilkes Barre-Scranton, PA
Elmira, NY
Binghamton, NY
Syracuse, NY
Buffalo, NY

They also service several other, smaller New York area markets that are not listed here.

With the perpetual legal wrangling between big pharma and the large mass tort firms, this story is sure to attract plenty of attention.

If you are interested in learning more about the launch of this new legal marketing program on offer from The Wholesale Airtime Auction, please contact them via one of the following three options:
Mail - 9 E. Loockerman St. Ste. 3A-449, Dover, DE 19901
Internet -
Telephone - (302) 724-6592


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